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Striped Crochet Jockstrap

Striped Crochet Jockstrap

  • regular fit and low rise jock style
  • tone to tone, external elasticated waistband
  • with thermo-embossed rubber relief logo on
  • made of smooth knitted fabric
  • MODUS VIVENDI Crochet Striped Line is serving the most modern variant form of the crochet trend. There’s no denying that retro-inspired looks are popping up more and more this season; Striped Crochet designs fall right in line with that effortless, cool-guy type. All styles are unique yet still fun and playful or chic and elegant, depending on the direction you want to take. The monochromatic aesthetic of the line keeps the bohemian levels and offers you a more sophisticated look.

  • Designed & Made in Greece
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