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Gigantor XXXL Tapered Butt Plug

Gigantor XXXL Tapered Butt Plug

Your guts better make way for this massive butt plug!

Stuff your asshole to maximum capacity with this astonishing anal accessory. The classic shape offers a taper for an easier, more comfortable insertion... all things considered. This plug is over a foot in length and nearly 5 inches in girth... you better have a lot of lube on hand! Stretch your fuck hole wider than ever before as the plug pushes deep into your body. Made of a phthalate-free material, this 

If you are trying to achieve a stuffed-to-the-max sensation and a wide, gaping sphincter... look no further! This extra-extra-extra-extra-large butt plug will give you the anal challenge of a lifetime, an experience that you will never forget. The tapered tip gives you a little help, so long as your booty is already used to large insertions. The huge butt plug will gradually stretch you open more and more as you impale yourself further and further. Think you can handle it? This material is phthalate-free and compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants. Clean after use with warm water and mild soap or toy cleaner.

Gigantor XXXL Tapered Butt Plug specifications:

  • Measurement: 12.5 inches in total length, 10.5 inches insertable length, 5.25 inches in diameter
  • Material: PVC
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