Fistpowder 2.0 Instant Body Lubricant 

Fistpowder is a revolution in personal lube. It’s a safe for your body, safe with condoms and toys, stain free and best of all, super easy to clean up. The 2.0 version is even better - you need less product to make an even slicker lube.



• Extensively studied – two years of research with a French pharmaceutical company. Made from plant based compounds. It’s hypoallergenic and deemed safe for internal use.  
• EU certified – CE0459 means it is a registered medical device SAFE WITH CONDOMS AND TOYS.  
• Doesn’t stain your sheets or your gear - your favorite sheets are safe when you use Fistpowder. Just put them all through the wash and you’re good to go.  
• It’s economical – one container of Fistpowder (at the recommended dose) will yield twenty-six 16oz. bottles of lube.  
• It’s easy to mix – just pour some Fistpowder into a standard 16oz. water bottle, shake and let rest for ten minutes – Boom! Done!  
• No preservatives – mix up a batch and use it all night long. Batches should be used within 24 hours.  
• Rinses off easy – Fistpowder rinses clean with just a steady stream of water. 

Mixing Recipe 
Mix 5 grams of Fistpowder 2.0 with 500ml (16oz.) of warm water. You can use a blender or simply shake it up in a standard 16oz. water bottle. Let it rest for 7-10 minutes. There is a fill line on the cap that makes it easy to measure out 5 grams. We recommend letting the mix rest for 20-30 minutes to get the full viscosity.